Players in a Holdem Casino No Limit Tournament

There are 12 players left in a Holdem No Limit Tournament – six players on two tables. Nine players receive money first prize 196000. The blinds are 2000/4000 and youre in the big blind with 26500 left after youve posted. Aggressive player (pre-lop raise rate 20-25 % since the blinds where 1500/3000) raises from the button. You have AJ.
What do you do?
a) Fold
b) Call
c) Raise all-in
Answer 1:

My first question would be how much he/she raised, and my second question would be how many players have entered the pot and/or called their raise. I would also take into account the size of his/her stack. (I dont think I would like taking AJo against a raise from a large stack, aggressive or not. But thats just my opinion.)

Answer 2:

Unless you have near 100% certainty that the raise is a bluff, fold even if suited; you want to be the first raiser with this hand not a limper and DEFINITELY not a cold caller to a raise. Id wait for better position and better starters the A-J.

Answer 3:

Move in. If he made it 10-12 thousand he may fold to your re-raise.
You have to gamble here, you may have him in bad shape, hed raise with A anything there, and your A-J rates to be good. If he has a small pair, so what? The you are 50-50. If he holds a monster, just chalk it up as another cold deck, nothing you could do.