Planet Poker Offers Pot Limit and No Limit

Why doesnt Planet Poker offer pot limit or no limit? They could have a great holdem or Omaha pot limit game if it was offered, I would like to see a small blind pot limit game, such as 1-2-2 or 1-2-5. Small enough for the little player but big enough to protect a decent hand that usually gets cracked in the limit games.

Answer 1:

If were talking about pot-limit and no-limit games with pot sizes and fluctuations larger than the fixed limit games, the reason has more to do with the mechanisms by which money can easily be gotten into the system in large sums than any limitations on the software. Same goes for limits beyond $20/$40.
Also, Im a little sceptical about how popular pot limit or no limit would be online, being that face-to-face tells and manipulation is such a large part of the game.
Answer 2:

I think it is a great idea for all us Europeans, who are not used to limit. I am sure many would love it..The only problem I can see is that IF there is some cheating going on, I think the consequences will be much worse in pot-limit. I think it is necessary for Planet to get rid of such suspicions.

Answer 3:

If I were running an online poker server, Id offer PL tourneys rather than ring games. The sizes of the bets could lead to some serious customer service issues if there were disputes over real money. All-ins resulting from disconnects would be more of an issue also. As for getting money into the system, the IRC interface offers raise pot and raise half-pot buttons, or you can type in the exact amount on the command line. This could in theory be improved somewhat by offering more preset choices and by disabling said buttons when the resulting amount would be too small to be legal (because its not at least the size of the previous bet).