Places that Spread Poker in Black Hawk

I am new to Denver and heard there are private poker clubs around downtown (not the mountain casinos), and want to know the following info:
Games and limits
Do you have to pay a membership, or know someone to get in?
Answer 1:


The games in the Denver area have slowed down quite a bit in the past few months. The only game going right now is a 10-20 Holdem at the Med Club on Colfax Avenue and I believe you have to know someone to get in. Their phone number is 303-329-0485 if you want to call and find out for sure.

Answer 2:

There are four places that spread poker in Black Hawk/ Central
Colorado Central Station (9 tables)
The Lodge (13 tables)
Bullwackers Bullpen (11 tables)
Harveys (9 tables)
I was at the Lodge on Memorial Day- they offered a $2-5 spread HE with a single blind, a $3-5 spread HE game, and a $5 HE game with a single $5 blind. I saw a list for Omaha too, I think it was a $2-5 spread limit. All four places have always had the $2-5 game going every time Ive been there. The games can get a little wacky at times, but my last two sessions (from noon to 8 pm) I would characterize the play as loose-passive. Ive personally played at the Lodge and CCSC, and I like the Lodge a little bit better. The room is, well, roomier, and they lay out a buffet for players (soup and sandwiches, mainly) daily. The rake is 10% to $3 max at both rooms I play in. All four offer (and rake for) bad beat jackpots.
Answer 3:

If you like tournaments, Harvey’s (on Wed, nights at 7pm) and Bullwhackers (on Thurs. at 7pm) have NLHE with a $35 buy in with 2 $30 rebuys. Usually 65-80 players each.