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Busiest Poker Room- Biloxi Grand

I am planning to take a trip to Biloxi this weekend and would appreciate any/all advice or suggestions. Where to stay, what online roulette site is the best, where to have a few drinks. Should I all somewhere to reserve rooms? I will be driving from Atlanta and this will be my first time playing at the casino, but I played for about 4 years at $1-$3 home games. Any advice would be helpful.

Answer 1:
Well dont stay at the Grand (great rooms but $139/night weekend rate) or the Holiday Inn (just plain sucks). You definitely need to make reservations if you want to stay in Biloxi itself over the weekend. There are a couple of Best Westerns that didnt look too bad, and a brand new Holiday Inn Express. If you cant find anything in Biloxi, there are tons of economy motels along I-10...

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Places that Spread Poker in Black Hawk

I am new to Denver and heard there are private poker clubs around downtown (not the mountain casinos), and want to know the following info:
Games and limits
Do you have to pay a membership, or know someone to get in?
Answer 1:

The games in the Denver area have slowed down quite a bit in the past few months. The only game going right now is a 10-20 Holdem at the Med Club on Colfax Avenue and I believe you have to know someone to get in. Their phone number is 303-329-0485 if you want to call and find out for sure.

Answer 2:

There are four places that spread poker in Black Hawk/ Central
Colorado Central Station (9 tables)
The Lodge (13 tables)
Bullwackers Bullpen (11 tables)
Harveys (9 tables)
I was at the Lodge on Memorial Day- they offered a $2-5 spread HE with a ...

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Planet Poker Offers Pot Limit and No Limit

Why doesnt Planet Poker offer pot limit or no limit? They could have a great holdem or Omaha pot limit game if it was offered, I would like to see a small blind pot limit game, such as 1-2-2 or 1-2-5. Small enough for the little player but big enough to protect a decent hand that usually gets cracked in the limit games.

Answer 1:

If were talking about pot-limit and no-limit games with pot sizes and fluctuations larger than the fixed limit games, the reason has more to do with the mechanisms by which money can easily be gotten into the system in large sums than any limitations on the software. Same goes for limits beyond $20/$40.
Also, Im a little sceptical about how popular pot limit or no limit would be online, being that face-to-face tells and manipulation is such a large part of the gam...

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10 Handed Semi-Loose Poker Game

10-handed semi-loose game. You are 2 to the right of the button with JJ and 2 players already in a pot which is un-raised. You have a very tight image. Call or raise?

Answer 1:

Call. Hope for a multi way pot. 3 or 4 is the worst for hands like jacks, so just call and hope for a large multi way pot.

Answer 2:

This is a good situation to exploit to your advantage in 10-20 if you have a tight image. Raise. With a bit of luck, youll buy the button and chase out the blinds. If you can buy the button, you are in a good position to steal the hand on the flop...

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Where to Find Poker Site Reviews

When it comes to playing poker online, you want to make sure you are reading honest reviews and customer ratings on actual sites. Its too easy for someone to create a fake testimonial or comment on what other online poker sites are really like.

The best way to find honest poker site reviews is to visit online poker forums and talk with real players and read about their experiences on different sites.

Two of the most popular poker sites out there are Poker770 and Party Poker. Both of these sites are highly rated and players love them because they are always offering new coupons and promotions.

To start earning your deposit bonuses, pay attention to the Party Poker bonus code at the time of sign up. You can also see the same type of promotions by using a Cake Poker sign up code.

Joining each...

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