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Best Low Limit Stud Golden Casino Player

Im a pretty good poker player not the best, but good, and improving all the time. I play tight/aggressive, read opponents well, and dont chase unless the pot odds are there. Ive always subscribed to the theory that I should stay in a good game, even if Im losing. I now think this is not a good strategy. Over the past few sessions, Ive been getting killed in great games. Getting beat by two outers over and over again. Whatever card they needed, they got. Whenever I needed a card, it never came. Why should I continue to play if Im running ice cold like that?

Answer 1:

I believe firmly in confidence and momentum, they feed off each other. Once you lose one of them, the other goes too. The fact that youve even posted the question shows youve lost both for the moment. Take a break. A short one...

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Philosophy Regarding Epiphone Casino

Is there some simple philosophy regarding the posting of a blind upon entering a game? Should you post immediately, wait for the button to reach a certain position in relation to your seat, or what. I feel that there is probably a pretty simple explanation for this, but I cant see it. Some people post immediately and others choose to wait out. Sometimes Im told that I will be unable to play until after the button. Whats this ruling?

Answer 1:
The logic behind waiting is fairly straightforward. If you post immediately, you wind up paying $25 in blinds for 10 hands of poker (2.50/hand.) If you wait for your big blind, you only pay $15 in blinds for 10 hands of poker (1.50/hand.) If you wait for the button to pass, you pay $10 for 8 hands of poker (1.25/hand.)...

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Players in a Holdem Casino No Limit Tournament

There are 12 players left in a Holdem No Limit Tournament – six players on two tables. Nine players receive money first prize 196000. The blinds are 2000/4000 and youre in the big blind with 26500 left after youve posted. Aggressive player (pre-lop raise rate 20-25 % since the blinds where 1500/3000) raises from the button. You have AJ.
What do you do?
a) Fold
b) Call
c) Raise all-in
Answer 1:

My first question would be how much he/she raised, and my second question would be how many players have entered the pot and/or called their raise. I would also take into account the size of his/her stack. (I dont think I would like taking AJo against a raise from a large stack, aggressive or not. But thats just my opinion.)

Answer 2:

Unless you have near 100% certainty that the raise is a bluff, f...

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