Best Low Limit Stud Golden Casino Player

Im a pretty good poker player not the best, but good, and improving all the time. I play tight/aggressive, read opponents well, and dont chase unless the pot odds are there. Ive always subscribed to the theory that I should stay in a good game, even if Im losing. I now think this is not a good strategy. Over the past few sessions, Ive been getting killed in great games. Getting beat by two outers over and over again. Whatever card they needed, they got. Whenever I needed a card, it never came. Why should I continue to play if Im running ice cold like that?

Answer 1:

I believe firmly in confidence and momentum, they feed off each other. Once you lose one of them, the other goes too. The fact that youve even posted the question shows youve lost both for the moment. Take a break. A short one. Let the sting of the suck-outs ease up. Then get ready to come back with a renewed sense of invulnerability.

Answer 2:

Definitely take a break. For at least 1-2 weeksi had the same experience as you a few years agoi play well. I played with fish in great games and got killed. I lost every day for 3 months. All the advice from great players was to keep playingthat was the worst advice I’ve ever had in the poker worldi would never do that again. If a losing streak occurs, i now take a week or 2 weeks offit feels like a fresh new start, better psychologically and usually, the losing streak and losing feeling have disappeared.

Answer 3:

After ending up behind in 12 of the last 13 poker sessions I have had to give up my title as, Almost the Best Low Limit Stud Player in the World. What a bad streak. It will change but for now my continued presidency of the Bad Poker Players Association is assured.