10 Handed Semi-Loose Poker Game

10-handed semi-loose game. You are 2 to the right of the button with JJ and 2 players already in a pot which is un-raised. You have a very tight image. Call or raise?

Answer 1:

Call. Hope for a multi way pot. 3 or 4 is the worst for hands like jacks, so just call and hope for a large multi way pot.

Answer 2:

This is a good situation to exploit to your advantage in 10-20 if you have a tight image. Raise. With a bit of luck, youll buy the button and chase out the blinds. If you can buy the button, you are in a good position to steal the hand on the flop. If that doesnt work, youve at least got some money into the pot and have put yourself in a position where you have some options, such as representing a larger pair than you actually have (this is where your tight image can pay off), or taking a draw on the flop if something like T98 comes down.

Answer 3:

A raise is quite clear here. You have the best hand and you must charge the button and the blinds extra money to take a flop. You will frequently get the button and blinds to fold and you will end up with the best hand and the best position. If you dont well it is not the end of the world. But merely limping in is weak poker here since you are giving the button and blinds cheap/free plays.